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The Story Behind the Name

The Story Behind the Name…

Where did we come up with the name, “Mathletes and Bookworms,” you ask?  We both strongly believe in being life-long learners ourselves, so we like to think of ourselves as both Mathletes and Bookworms.  We want the same for your child(ren).  Of course we want to help him excel in the subject of your choosing, but more than that, we want to ignite the passion for learning.  We want your child(ren) to race home to put her nose in a great book, write an enthralling story, or dive into a hard math problem without you asking.  We believe that this sets us apart from corporate tutoring programs that have developed a test that “will deliver results.”  Sure, you may get results on their test, but it won’t necessarily make your child want to learn more.  And that is what we seek to do.