Private Tutoring and Small Groups

We believe in working closely with your child’s school and teacher.  We are not a “program.”  Rather, we serve to make your child’s school experience to be the very best it can be.  We do not believe in testing your child to get results.  Results are seen both in his/her school-work and turning your child into a life-long learner.

Private tutoring benefits all children.  Fees and requirements for private sessions:  1 hour sessions $75.  Must commit to a minimum of three sessions each month.

Private sessions can be used to:

1. Support children who need extra support with school work
2. Support children who are advanced or gifted and would like to do in-depth learning
3. Assist children who need help with organization and study skills
4. Help children prepare for school entrance exams such as the ISEE


We offer small group lessons in all subjects, K-12.  This may include small groups of your own children or small groups of children from the same classroom.  We accept small groups up to 3 children.  In addition to helping children with their school-work, small groups can be designed to serve as an enrichment program on a topic that the children are interested in outside of their daily school-work.

Small group sessions —Fees and requirements for small group sessions: 2 students $100 per hour. 3 students $110 per hour.  Must commit to a minimum of three sessions a month.

Small group sessions can be designed for groups up to three children to:

1. Support children with similar needs in a specific subject area
2. Provide a class for enrichment areas of choice (i.e. a nutrition/fitness class designed with an emphasis on mathematics, author studies and book clubs, creative writing, etc.)  The sky is the limit and we are happy to design any class that fits the childrens’ interests.
3. Keep up with school work over the summer to prevent “summer learning loss”