Parent/Child Testimonials

Mathletes and Bookworms is wonderful!  My daughter has been working with Karmin weekly for three years and we plan to continue into our 4th year with Mathletes and Bookworms.  Karmin has greatly helped my daughter improve her math skills.  Karmin makes math fun and exciting.  Moreover, due to Mathletes and Bookworms my daughter’s confidence with respect to math has improved immensely.  We recommend Mathletes and Bookworms without reservation.

–Linda N.

I would highly recommend Mathletes and Bookworms to any parent who has a child that needs a little extra help!  I have twin girls who have very different learning styles and Meghan was able to tap into their strengths and make math fun.  Even at our last parent teacher conference, their teachers were also noticing how their attitude towards math and the willingness to take risks has improved.  We are grateful we found Mathletes and Bookworms.

–Patty H.

This year I was able to explain my math thinking to my friends at school.  It felt good to be able to help them out.  Thanks Meghan for teaching me!

–Clare H.

Meghan helped me to organize my thinking when I solve problems….especially word problems.  And those are hard!

–Sofie H.

These two teachers are the best in Denver, a true secret of Colorado, and two loving devoted teachers who offer the BEST to your kiddos, I will personally vouch for them both – they are treasure to claim!

–Laura S.

(Our daughter)  loved it. She said she couldn’t believe how fast three hours passed when she was at math camp.
~Jenn F.

My daughter just loved the camp! She is usually very timid and not real thrilled to go new places by herself, but she loved it from the start. I was really impressed with the things she learned and the fun projects she brought home. She even told me how she was learning things she had never learned at school. Fantastic experience!
~Mary Ellen O.

(Our son) had a great time and was so excited about everything he learned. You are a gifted teacher!!
~Ericka E.

Our son came home every day so happy and proud to show off what he’d learned at camp!
~Kym B.

The projects (at camp) were great. Even the worksheets had more relevance than what he does at school.
~Dan S.

Awesome! Kids loved it! My son’s eyes were opened to the fact that, “Math is all around us!”
~Carolyn M.

My daughter had a wonderful time at math camp.  I loved the work that came home.  My five year old can now tell time, graph using bar graphs, and do two-digit addition.  The best part is that she had fun doing it!  My daughter will be attending Mathletes in the future.
–Nicole F.

I was very happy with all aspects of the camp.  Thank you!
–Anne H.

You are both so sweet.  This was a perfect first school experience for (our daughter.).  She learned, you made her (and us) feel at ease.  We know she really enjoyed the games, reading, and activities you provided.  Thanks for a terrific summer camp!
–Katrina F.

Parent references available upon request.